I think it's fair to say at this point, the 207 area code is almost as iconic to the state of Maine as the Dirigo flag itself. Bigger states, even right here in New England have more than one area code. But I feel like Mainers would see it as some sort of major blow to our way of life if all of a sudden the was a 369 area code or something.

But, according to WMTW - TV8, we may be headed just that way in the next five-ish years. The state is going to step in and see what they can do to put it off, but it's going to take some work. The Maine Public Utilities Commission has some ideas about how to do it, and recognize that it would be a blow to Maine's spirit.

Phil Bartlett, chair of the MPUC, had this to say about the situation:

 It's part of Maine's identity. We know that people associate it with the state, and we think that it's beneficial to try to preserve it if we can.

Apparently, right now, number are assigned in some sort of 'block system'. The MPUC wants to change that, but they need to get approval from the FCC. Likewise, New Hampshire is making the same request, as to hold onto their sole area code as well, 603.

There may not be any way to stop it ultimately, and it will be a sad day when it comes to an end, but for now at least it looks like the right steps are being taken. Sure, it's probably more sentimentality than anything else, but why change if we don't have to? Sometimes, it's nice to have things stay just the same.

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