I follow the Maine State Police on Facebook, and they just shared some photos from the Dexter Police Department that are downright awesome. Some cows got loose, and were running amok on the Zion's Hill Road, causing a bit of a stir, and the police were called to scope out the situation. But the officers on the scene were nothing but smiles and chuckles.

All of this is why I love living in this part of Maine. I spent years in southern Maine, and the only time I ever would have heard about this is when I saw on the news that it happened up here. I always want to go online and read about cows blocking roads and causing trouble, all the time.

No real problems came from the event. A few people were inconvenienced for a short time, nothing serious. But for the officers responding, it must be another one of those cool things that happen that make all the bad stuff not seem as big a deal.

These folks often put their lives directly on the line, and it must be a breath of fresh air to just go chase some cows around. Life in Maine always seems to find a way to balance out the bull crap. Especially in this case.....

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