Members of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office seized over 500 marijuana plants from an illegal grow house in Mercer.

Where Was the Latest Operation Found?

Sheriff Dale Lancaster says the site of this latest operation was a house on Rome Road. Officials got a search warrant to look for signs of illegal marijuana cultivation activities on the premises.

What Was Seized From This Location?

As a result of that search, 553 mostly mature, flowering marijuana plants were seized, as well as several pounds of harvested marijuana, and illicit drug-related materials. Lancaster says the entire residence was essentially being used for illegal marijuana cultivation/marijuana processing activities. It was also discovered that a chemical was allegedly being used in this operation which is prohibited in the state of Maine.

No one was at the house when the search warrant was executed so, at this point, no arrests have been made. Sheriff Lancaster says that once the people responsible for the operation are located, charges of cultivation of marijuana and trafficking in scheduled drugs will be forthcoming. Due to the conditions of the residence and the chemicals officials believed were being used, the local code enforcement officer was notified.

Weren't There Other Grow Houses Raided on Friday?

Friday was a busy day across the state for law enforcement as several similar operations were raided.

  • In Piscataquis County, approximately 2,200 plants were seized from grow houses in Sangerville and Guilford. At the last report, one man had been arrested in connection with this operation.
  • Officials in Penobscot County shut down an operation in Corinna that involved the seizure of more than 3,700 illegal marijuana plants. Exposed high voltage lines and chemicals being mixed and stored openly caused dangerous conditions for the building and surrounding neighbors.

Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton says these are illegal operations and are not connected to the legally run marijuana cultivation businesses in our state.

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