Police say a deceased man found near the Aroostook River in Caribou has been identified as a missing man.

A 39-Year-Old Washburn Man Has Been Missing for Months

Erik Foote, 39, of Washburn who has been missing since the end of January 2024. He was last seen in Presque Isle near a convenience store on January 30th.

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The Body Has Been Identified the Body As the Missing Man

On Thursday, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss said Foote has been identified as the deceased male found The body was discovered on the banks of the Aroostook River in Caribou on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 has been identified as Foote. The cause and manner of death are still being determined.

Officials say any questions about the disappearance of Mr. Foote should be directed to the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office as they are the primary investigative agency.

His Disappearance Prompted Charges Against a Police Officer


Foote's disappearance resulted in a number of charges against a former Washburn Police Officer. Sergeant Chandler Cole is accused of lying to Foote's parents, telling them he had dropped the missing man off at a hospital after seeing him walking along a road appearing distressed. Cole resigned from the police force in February. He's charged with aggravated forgery, tampering with public records or information, falsifying physical evidence, and unsworn falsification in connection to the disappearance.

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