An attempted robbery in Holden turned scary when the suspect allegedly stabbed a customer with a used needle.

Bangor Suspect Was Out on Five Counts of Violation of Bail

Clifford Neville, 41 of Bangor is charged with robbery, aggravated assault, five counts of violation of bail, and two outstanding warrants.

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Officials Say an Attempted Robbery Got Out of Control Quickly

Holden Police say the incident began when Neville left a store on Friday, allegedly with several items he had not purchased. He was confronted by a store employee about the alleged theft and he then allegedly assaulted her with a weapon. The employee and several customers were able to subdue Neville. But before they got him under control, he allegedly stabbed a customer with a used needle.

Holden Police Advise Not Confronting People Engaged in Crime

Officials have made the choice not to identify the store that was the scene of this crime.  Holden Police commend the actions of the people involved but add that they never recommend confronting shoplifters or others involved in crime. Instead they should just call 911.

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In a post on the Holden Police Department's Facebook page, officials said the following:

I think it goes without saying that Clifford should not have been on the streets. This was the second arrest in 24 hours of someone out on five conditions of release.

There was no comment made about whether the victim who was stabbed sustained any serious side effects from the used needle.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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