It's a celebration of non-electronic games in Orono this weekend at the Lucky #13 SnowCon.

What Do You Mean By Tabletop Games?

I'd love to someday go to this event because I love tabletop games. And before you say it, I'm not talking about the arcade games set into tables that you find at local bars. SnowCon is all about non-electronic games. Still not clear? It ranges from Checkers to Sorry, Battleship to Dungeons and Dragons, and everything in between. These are not necessarily board games, either, because there will be chances to play things like Cards Against Humanity. (I love that game) There's even an 'open game' room where you could bring your own game to play with others or take part in someone else's game. What you won't find at SnowCon are things like Halo, Minecraft, or Grand Theft Auto.

Can I Buy Tickets at the Door?

SnowCon has taken a two-year hiatus or, as they put it on their website, 'playing pandemic.' Now it's time to get back to the fun that sometimes includes trying out new games that just might be the next Monopoly-type sensation. Or maybe it's the latest Monopoly game. I bought my son a Dungeons and Dragons-themed Monopoly game because he is definitely a gamer.

One change this year is that they will not be selling admission badges at the door, so you'll need to log onto their website and purchase them there. You'll also find all the information you'll need to take part. Sign up for one game of checkers or fill your day with a variety of games. It's up to you. As I write this, I checked out their Facebook page and saw that they have sold out of badges for Saturday. If you want to go check out the fun on Sunday, I'd advise logging onto the website and buying them now, before they're gone.

Are They Still Having the Friday Night Kickoff in a Tavern?

And don't miss this year's 'So You Meet In A...Bowling Alley' kickoff party at the Sports Arena on Outer Hammond Street in Bangor. This is a departure from their usual gathering in a tavern and will begin at 8:00 Friday night. Other than this, all events are happening at the Black Bear Inn in Orono.

Game on.

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