Some folks in the town of Hudson are working to build a Veterans Memorial, but they need donations to make it a reality. 

Hudson resident Bill Grant told me that, as he drove around the state, he noticed many communities that proudly display monuments in honor of local Veterans. And that got him talking to other residents about the possibility of creating one for Hudson. Now, a committee of 9 people (Grant included) is working to make the project a reality.

The first step was to design the monument, and they did a great job coming up with a beautiful concept. Each of the five stones will represent a different branch of the military. They're all separated, to show their independence, but are joined together by a concrete base, as the different branches often are to defend the flag. That flag will be placed in the center of the memorial. And, off to the side, will be a sixth stone to honor the POW/MIA soldiers who may never see their comrades-in-arms again.

Next, obviously, is the fundraising, and that's just getting off the ground. The committee is new, having held only a couple of meetings so far, so they have a long way to go to reach their goal of $60,000. The best way to keep updated on fundraising efforts or to discuss donation options, is through the project's Facebook page. On May 20th, a craft fair at the Hermon Family Restaurant will help support the project. Folks can write checks to the Town of Hudson, with 'Veterans Memorial' written in the memo line and mail them to:

  • Hudson Town Office
  • 2150 Hudson Road
  • Hudson, ME 04449

Plus, they're selling stars off retired flags that have flown over Hudson:

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