Saturday, July 9, and Sunday, July 10 are the dates to get into your calendar. The days may be months away, but read on to get a feel for how your participation might show a struggling veteran what he needs to feel.

You are invited to participate in House in the Woods Military & Family Retreat Lodge’s 5th anniversary.  Yes, the House in the Woods program is 12 years old. This celebrates the lodge and its 5 years.

House in the Woods honors those who have served, those who have fallen, and you, the individuals who support them.

Some of the plans for the community celebration in Lee are still being formulated, but know that there will be special guests.

There also will be entertainment, food, and of course, fun for the whole family.

But there also will be lots of camaraderie and healing. Here is what an anonymous veteran said about House in the Woods and the programs.

I couldn’t believe the peace I felt, and the support I got from everyone. This was really something I needed, it lets me know it’s gonna be ok.

Sure hope you’ll make plans to attend even a part of one day's events. It means so much to some veterans and we may never hear how much like the above vet shared. But it does mean much to most.

Stay tuned for the full schedule as we get closer to the events on July 9 and 10. And if House in the Woods is new to you, here is a link for more information.

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