Any interaction with Veterans is mostly a good thing. For us. For them.

Social interaction is so important for so many veterans who come back from service as changed men and women.

And today is a chance for all veterans from all branches and all eras to get together and socialize and interact with each other, and with civilians.

Today is the monthly Coffee with Veterans event, held the 3rd Wednesday of the month taking place at House in the Woods in Lee.

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The coffee and baked goods are free.

The time together with other veterans is precious. Priceless. And most important.

Maine Troop Greeters Dispense Hugs And Cheer
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Coffee with Veterans is from 7 a.m til 11 a.m. at House in the Woods located at 217 Skunk Hill Road in Lee.

All veterans invited. Bring a friend if you want, or not. Come alone. Just consider attending and having a coffee and a chat or two.

House in theWoods has a slogan,

Together we heal

It starts with attendance and a chat with fellow Vets over a cup of Turbo Boost

Here is information about House in the Woods. 

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