The snowmobile brand Ski-Doo only has a few dozen ‘Ski-Doo Ambassadors’ in all of North America. And one of them will be in The Q106.5 Egg Ride for 2022 to benefit Pine Tree Camp.

Meet John Gibbs who lives and breathes the sport of snowmobiling.


John has been riding for 39 years, and he’s not that much older than 39. He certainly could pass for 39.

John still snowmobiles as often as he can and only rides in Maine or in Canada.

He owns and operates Finish Line Construction and admits he doesn’t work as much in the winter as he does in the summer, so he can get out and ride. On or off-trails.

And when it comes to snowmobiles and John, he’s not done yet. He hosts the New England Snowmobile Talk on social media. Hook up with John on Facebook

John Gibbs was on the Q106.5 Morning Show, sharing his passion for all things Snowmobiling and Pine Tree Camp this morning, and ICYMI here’s the audio:

Pine Tree Camp does most of its winter programs in the month of February, so it seems appropriate that The Q106.5 Egg Ride kicks off the month.

Here are the details about everything to do with the event and how to help out Pine Tree Camp with a donation.

If you want to make the donation on John’s Fund Raising page, here is that link.

With snow on the way for tonight and tomorrow, it’ll get everyone in the mood for the Ride next Saturday the 5th.  As John Gibbs says

Let’s go. Can’t wait to hear the braaap braaap of a snowmobile. It’s music to my ears


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