Raising a child in Maine, you want to know where the best schools are to ensure your child has the education they need to be able to compete in a global economy, specifically high schools.

Unique Difficulties for School Systems in Maine

One of the difficulties of Maine education is maintaining great educational opportunities in a location where the populations are widely spread out in some areas as well as widely varying income levels. A school system's public high school in Maine can be made up of many towns or just a section of a city. Despite the variations, the State of Maine has some great public high schools that offer high-quality education and life-experience opportunities from great educators.

Ranked Resource

One resource to use to see how high schools in the State of Maine rank is niche.com who has compiled many pieces of information from the U.S. Department of Education, including statistics, scoring results and reviews by students and parents, in a searchable and ranked system for schools, districts, grade levels, and school types across Maine and the United States.

Each school is given letter grades based on the following categories:

  • Academics
  • Teachers
  • Clubs & Activities
  • Diversity
  • College Prep
  • Health & Safety

All of these categories are then averaged into an overall grade for each school allowing for schools to compare to each other based on their overall averaged grade earned by niche.com's data compilation and ranking system.

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Ranking Maine's Public High Schools

All schools on the list performed very well, most earning A's and B's in nearly all categories- give or take a few +'s and -'s. One category/grade that was consistent across nearly all of these top 25 public high schools is a mediocre grade for diversity, which makes sense so Maine is not a very diverse state. Very few schools on this list performed better than a C+ in the diversity category.

Time to check out Maine's top 25 best high schools based on the categories of academics, teachers, clubs & activities, diversity, college prep, and health & safety. Is your high school on the list?

We'll start the list with the best-ranked public high school which will take us to the very top of the State of Maine.

25 of Maine's Best Public High Schools Ranked

Is your nearby high school on the list? Here are 25 of Maine's best high schools based on niche.com's analytics of reviews and data collected from the U.S. Department of Education. Ratings of the schools were based on various data such as graduation rates, test scores, and more. Check to see if your local schools are on the list.

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