A Maine hemp farmer says thieves stole thousands of dollars' worth of his product, but he's not sure they realize it's not marijuana.

Ben and Allison Edwards took to Facebook to reveal the crime against the Schoppee Farm in Machias, in hopes that someone in the community might be able to provide some information about the culprits. They say that, sometime last week, one or more people went to the center of one of their fields and took some of the most valuable parts of their hemp plants. The thieves brought their own cutting tools and bins, so it's considered a premeditated crime from someone who is familiar with the crops. The Edwards say this isn't the first time it's happened, but they believed it to be vandalism in the past. Now, enough product was stolen that they feel they need to speak out.

The big question, in all this, is whether the thieves understand that they weren't stealing marijuana, but an industrial hemp flower. The Edwards say people cannot get high by consuming it since, despite the fact that it looks and smells like pot, it contains less than 0.3% THC. They believe the product will be offered up for sale, and hope that anyone who realizes the 'pot' they purchased isn't giving them the desired result will contact the farm or the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The Edwards can be reached by phone or text at (207) 271-3600, by email at allie@schoppee.com, or by stopping at the farm in East Kennebec. Anonymous tips can be left via the 'get in touch' form at the bottom of their website.

Industrial hemp is used in a variety of products, from health foods, to clothing, to biofuels.

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