A Bucksport man was reported missing after family members realized no one had seen him for over a year.

The case of 28-year-old Colin 'Cole' Arey is indicative of the times we live in, where human contact is replaced by electronic communication, and so it's easy to lose track of how long it's been since we've heard from someone. Arey's family members were talking recently and it was determined that the last confirmed sighting was in January of 2017, when a family member gave him a ride to the Brewer area. Family members told Bucksport Police, when they called recently to report him missing, that they're close, but that they don't have regular, daily contact with each other.

Arey had studied art in New York City and worked, for a time, as a substitute teacher and ed tech with the Bucksport School Department. Family members are hoping that someone may have had contact with him, even if they haven't seen him. A social media comment, email, or text message would at least give the family some hope that he's okay.

Anyone with information about Arey's whereabouts is urged to contact Sergeant David Winchester at the Bucksport Police Department at (207) 469-7951.

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