She knows so much about me. She knows my weight, and as far as I know, says nothing. She’s seen me naked. Yikes. And she knows all my vitals.

Figured it out yet. No, not the Mrs. It is a nurse. She knows more about me than anyone else in my life. Well, when it comes to certain things she does. And it could be a he. 10 per cent of nurses are male.

We celebrate “The Lady With the Lamp” or as she is better known, Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. She adhered to strict hand washing and hygiene practices long before we had both preached at us during the latest world pandemic.  She and her helpers reduced death from 42% to 2% during the Crimean War, beginning nursing as we know it today.

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Today is the first day of National Nursing Week ending on May 12ths which is Florence Nightingale’s date of birth. Florence was born in Florence Italy.

In 1974 President Nixon proclaimed a National Nurse Week to be celebrated in May. And President Reagan proclaimed May 6th as National Recognition Day for Nurses.

There are over 3 million working nurses in the U.S. today, and they are not only found in hospitals, but the majority of registered nurses practice elsewhere like nursing homes or on home visits or at Doctor’s offices, as opposed to working in hospitals.

Today we express gratitude with free coffee at Dunkin or cookies and cupcakes. Not to worry. Most nurses will walk off that cookie or treat today,. They walk miles on average every shift.

Especially with all that has happened in the past year plus a few months, Thank you for all you do, doesn’t quite sound like it’s enough, but it is well intended, especially today.

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