It was 7 years ago today that Bangor's Waterfront Concerts kicked off with a moonlit performance by Celtic Woman.

Can you believe that those amazing outdoor concerts on the Bangor Waterfront have been going on since 2010? In the past seven years, concert-goers have been treated to everything from Celtic Woman, to Kenny Chesney, and Seether. The venue has changed a lot. That first year, beer was served in a fenced off area, and you had to stay inside the tape to drink. Founder Alex Gray was helping to set up chairs for that first concert, even as ticket-holders were walking through the gates. And the show was introduced by a City Councilor who introduced the ladies as 'Seltic Women.'

For me, this day has special meaning because that Celtic Woman concert was my very first date with the man who is now my husband. We stood in the 'beer garden' area and watched the show, underneath a huge full moon. It was one of those perfect nights, with a dark, clear sky and endless stars. The music was amazing and the audience, which was tiny compared to most of the current crowds, was loving the show.

Congratulations to Waterfront Concerts for an impressive run of outdoor shows. You've made Bangor, Maine a desirable destination for some of the best names in music and we appreciate it!

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