A gas station, store, and car wash in Brewer has suddenly closed, leaving behind a sign thanking customers for their business.

It's Not Just That the Doors are Locked, the Pumps are Fenced Off

I was shocked earlier this week when I stopped at my favorite gas station to fill my tank. I go there every week, usually on a Monday. This week, I didn't get over there until Wednesday and was shocked at what I found. The pumps are surrounded by chain link fence, the store is shuttered, and the sign is gone, replaced by a temporary banner.

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The Gas Station Had a Feature I Especially Enjoyed

Haffner's, which was located right next to the Coach House Restaurant, on Wilson Street in Brewer, is no longer. I swear I was there a week ago, getting gas, and now they're gone.

I loved that place because they had pumps that were equipped to take cash. I refuse to put my credit card in a gas pump because I'm afraid of identity theft and at this station, I didn't have to. If I was in a hurry or just having a day when I didn't feel like talking, I could go there, slip a twenty-dollar bill into the machine and pump my gas. No muss. No fuss. No standing in line behind someone buying a million lottery tickets.

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Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

Gas With a Side of Pizza

The sign outside Haffner's former facility now sports a temporary banner, thanking customers for their patronage. It also encourages people to visit a different location on Wilson Street in Brewer. I'll miss that little station across from KFC where I could pump my gas while smelling the delicious food smells. Then again, the alternate location has pizza, so that's a plus!

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