The rally cars that stopped in Bangor as part of the Great Race included a lobster car from Maine, as well as a vintage cop car and the Blues Mobile.

It was a fun evening on the Bangor waterfront as we first checked out the local vehicles on display, that weren't actually part of the Great Race. I loved the vintage pickup and the woody and Jim was loving the muscle cars. My favorite, however, was the yellow Dart Swinger, that reminded me so much of my very first car. My '74 Dart wasn't a swinger, was maroon with a cream interior, and had a wicked V8 engine that surprised anyone who thought I had an old lady car.

Then we moved on to the rally cars arriving for the Bangor stop on the Great Race. The journey that's sponsored by Hemmings Motor News offers $150,000 in prizes for participants who have to follow the directions given to them each day and stick as close to the scheduled arrival times as possible.

We enjoyed the lobster car and the large orange sedan that were from Maine, along with the others. The vintage cop car was awesome, as was the wood-paneled roadster. But our favorite rally car had to be, by far, the Blues Mobile. We are fans of Elwood and Jake, and this car paid tribute to the movie very well. And, who knows? They may win. After all....they're on a mission from Gahd!

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