A Gouldsboro man was killed Sunday when a dog jumping out of the UTV he was driving caused him to crash.

Have Police Identified the Deceaesd?

The Maine Warden Service says Ethan Taylor, 32, of Gouldsboro died in the crash that happened in Township 36 in Washington County.

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What Happened?

It was just after 12:15 Sunday afternoon when Taylor and his passenger, Kimberly Billings, 27, of Gouldsboro were traveling in a Kawasaki side-by-side UTV on the 42-000 road in Township 36. While they were driving, a dog that was also in the vehicle jumped out. Taylor looked back to see the dog but, when he did, he turned the steering wheel, which caused the UTV to start to roll. It appears that Taylor over-corrected the steering, causing the UTV to roll over.

Was the Passenger Hurt?

Taylor fell out of the vehicle and then became pinned underneath it after it rolled on top of him. When the Wardens arrived on the scene, they were able to get the vehicle off Taylor, but he was already deceased. His passenger, Billings, was transported to the Down East Community Hospital, where she was examined and released.

Our condolences to Mr. Taylor's family and friends.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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