Before they're convicted in a court of law, the Auburn Police Department will start arresting - not summonsing - alleged shoplifters and posting their booking photos on facebook. Until now, it was standard procedure to just issue a summons to court for those accused of minor misdemeanors like shoplifting.

The Bangor Daily News just reported the policy change online, and as you might expect, it's a pretty polarizing decision. Many online are praising the new shaming initiative, saying that it will deter crime. Others say that it's a reprehensible way to treat people who haven't had their day in court.

The Auburn Police say that shoplifting rates have increased more than 80% in 2018, and they think that the problem is largely fueled by Maine's continuing opioid abuse epidemic.

"Anyone caught shoplifting in Auburn stores will be arrested and transported to the Androscoggin County Jail. Once a week, the Auburn PD will post booking photos on their Facebook page for the world to see."

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