The story started with a mom and her child going into a store in Rockland to shop, leaving the 3-year-old’s bike out in front of the store.

While they were shopping, someone came along and stole the bike.

But the real story begins with the kindness of a stranger who really went above and beyond when she stepped in to help.

Here’s the suspect caught on security camera and shared by the Rockland Police Department.

Facebook Rockland Police Department
Facebook Rockland Police Department

He has the bike tucked under his left arm.

Rockland Police shared the story of the stolen bike on its Facebook page, and it was shared on other social media.

A woman who wants to remain anonymous stepped up and bought a Spiderman bike, helmet, and a lock for the bike and delivered the items to the Rockland Police Department to give to the child.

Facebook Rockland Police Department
Facebook Rockland Police Department

Police in Rockland have labeled her a superhero. And good deeds are great, but this is above and beyond being a good deed. This is a woman who is struggling herself, and she found it in her heart to perform this selfless act of kindness.

When she dropped off the bike at the Police Station she spoke with an officer who thanked her and in an effort to get to know her, learned that recently she had to choose between paying her rent or paying her car loan payment. She chose the car and is now currently unhoused.

What generosity. And the mother of the victim was overwhelmed by the kindness of a stranger.

The story also came to the attention of the Mid Coast Recovery Coalition. And they appreciate good citizens like this woman who isn’t even local.

The woman will remain anonymous, but Mid Coast Recovery is now taking donations to pass along to the kind woman. If you are inclined to reward acts of good deeds, especially one done by someone who had to make a difficult decision to find the money to make the purchase she did, knowing that she has been struggling. Here is the link to contribute to the superhero. 

Laura Robinson from Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition updates us on the donations coming in as of Saturday the 14th of April.

We have reached $8,500 as of today.  The amount needed for us to have enough to pay off this generous woman’s car is $18,000.  By paying off her car, this homeless woman will be able to afford an apartment and not have to live in her car.

And know that citizens have already stepped up and contacted Rockland Police informing them that they are purchasing bikes online to be shipped to the Rockland Police Department to distribute to kids in the community who are in need.

This all started with a Maine woman with a generous soul. Hopefully, we fellow Mainers contribute enough to get her back on her feet financially sooner rather than later.

As Mid Coast Recovery says:

Generosity changes everything

Here is the audio about the story from the Q106.5 Morning Show.

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