Looking for a spooky weekend adventure? Fort Knox is hosting a night of ghost hunting.

There's many stories of creepy encounters at Fort Knox in Prospect. Rumors of hauntings at the historic fort has prompted visits from curious visitors, national TV shows, authors, and many teams of ghost hunters. This weekend marks the start of another season of after-hours Ghost Tours at Fort Knox.

The first tour of the season is Saturday, May 22. The night of ghost hunting is guided by 207 Paranormal. Paranormal investigators will guide participants to the fort's ghostly hot spots, and provide all the ghost hunting equipment. Tickets are on-sale now. Tickets must be purchased in advance. All of the money from ticket sales goes directly to Fort Knox.

More Ghost Tours will be announced throughout the summer and fall. The season will also feature Ghost Camp's, where participants can spend the entire night inside Fort Knox.

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