This Saturday, July 13, and Saturday, July 20, Fort Knox in Maine is giving us the opportunity to experience what life was like at the fort in the 1860s during the Civil War.

This immersive event will give us a feel of what daily life was like while the country was in turmoil (in 1861 through 1865). We will experience living Civil War history demos that will include garrison fort operations, guard mount (a formal ceremony where sentries are relieved by a new group of guards), cannon firing (BOOM) and an overall experience of what camp life was like for our ancestor Mainers in the mid-1800’s.

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Where is Fort Knox in Maine and How Much is Admission?

Fort Knox, ME
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For visitors to Maine, Fort Knox is in Prospect, across from the town of Bucksport. It is difficult to miss. It's the old looking fort next to an impressive bridge. Admission is per usual despite the unique experience being offered.

Fort and park entry for Maine resident adults 12 to 65-years-old are $4.50 and nonresident adults are $6.50. Maine resident seniors 65-years and older are free, where nonresident seniors are $3.00. Children 5 to 11-years-old are $2.50.

Join the 20th Maine Infantry Company B, 15th Regiment Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Company A as they converge on the battlefield to recreate skirmishes with muskets and cannons in tactical defense, assaults and advances in a battle for ground true to the period. Duo band Long Journey will perform old-time songs and camp tunes that kids can join in as well. Watch for updates and schedules to be published on the website & social media. - Friends of Fort Knox

The hours are 10am until 5pm on both Saturdays! Find more information here. 

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