While I'm glad summer is not in a hurry to end, I can't say I'm thrilled about the humidity levels we're expecting this week.

There are good points and bad points to the fact that weather forecasters say it's going to be hot and humid for the next few days.

Good: We're heading into the last unofficial weekend of summer, and so a little seasonal weather is awesome for barbecues and outings.

Bad: Kids are going back to school this week, and those classrooms are not equipped with air conditioning.

Good: We can wait a little longer before pulling out the sweaters and jackets

Bad: Those school kids may have to wait a little longer to wear their new 'Fall' school clothes.

Good: That summer tan won't fade anytime soon.

Bad: Humidity hair. As you can see from the video (above) I recorded during the last humidity-heat wave, my hair doesn't react well to high moisture levels in the air. My favorite part of Autumn is the end of humidity hair. But I'll put up with it for a little while longer if it means that summer isn't over yet. Still...it's no fun feeling like Monica from 'Friends,' during their trip to Cancun.

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