When I was a young lad, and an old one too, on a daily basis I inhaled peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, or fluffernutters as they're affectionately referred to here in these parts. I always felt like I was getting away with something. It seemed like candy between two pieces of bread, or dessert that I could eat anytime I wanted without getting in trouble.

On average, I can honestly say I ate about three a day. No one should eat three a day. But it was my breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack kinda deal. And occasionally I'd even sneak another one later on for a snack. And yes, I did eventually have to dial it back because I became a house-sized fluffernutter devouring machine.

Recently, I had a wildly nostalgic moment when I saw a post online about a  Fluffernutter Care Package. They spell it "fluffahnuttah", but I'll allow it because of how awesome the whole thing is. When it comes to filling the grocery hole, one need not get caught up in the semantics of spelling fictitious words.

It has all the stuff you need for a straight up sandwich party. It's got the Wonder Bread, Jif Peanut Butter (although, I'm a Skippy guy, but that's for a whole other post...) and Marshmallow Fluff. There's also a couple other solid New England treats like Cape Cod Potato Chips, with some Necco Wafers and Mary Janes. It's like you grabbed all of central Maine and threw it in a box.

At a mere $21.99, it really is a steal. If you went to the grocery store, you'd easily pay that much for all that stuff. But this is in an easy-to-run-away-with box. That's an essential feature, otherwise you'll have to sit and eat and get your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth with someone else watching. Another great reason why these sandwiches should be aggressively hoarded. Sharing is never an option. Evah.

Maybe you have a friend that moved away and could use a treat like this to show up on their door step and make all their sadness go away.

Or, you could send one to me, Jason Stewart, c/o Townsquare Media, 49 Acme Road Brewer, ME.

I promise, I won't share it with anybody.

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