The Furry Friends Food Bank is getting a huge donation of food from Chewy, but now they need a place to put it.

Can You Explain the Furry Friends Food Bank?

It's a good news story with a twist. The Furry Friends Food Bank is run by the Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Their goal is to make sure that senior citizens can continue to provide for their pets, despite the fact that they're on a fixed income. Why is that important? Because those dogs and cats are often the only companions these seniors interact with on a daily basis. They provide comfort and love and give seniors purpose. People donate food or money to stock the shelves and then volunteers make sure the food gets out to people who need it.

What's the Good News and the Twist?

Just recently, the food bank received some amazing news. A pet food and toy company, Chewy, wants to donate 27 pallets of pet food and supplies to the Furry Friends. That's $45,000 worth of pet food. Amazing! This is the good news.

The twist is that they don't have room to store all those pallets. I mean, seriously, who would? That's a lot of food and supplies. So now, the Eastern Area Agency on Aging is hoping to hear from community members and/or local businesses that could donate enough space to store the donation. A post on the agency's website says they'll even promote the donating business as a partner.

Who Do We Contact If We Can Help?

If you think you or your business can help, contact the Eastern Area Agency on Aging through their website, Facebook page, or by calling Kelly at 207-941-2865, extension 125.

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