A huge drug bust in Biddeford resulted in the arrest of one man and the seizure of more than a million lethal doses of fentanyl.

Biddeford Man Faces Many Felony Charges

Almuntadhar M. Mohammed, 24, of Biddeford is charged with multiple counts of unlawful aggravated trafficking in fentanyl. The charges were elevated to aggravated because of the amount of drugs that were found, as well as the presence of firearms.

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Police Were Investigating the Trafficking of Fentanyl in Two Maine Counties

The arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation into the trafficking of fentanyl throughout Southern Maine. That investigation has focused on Mohammed for the past eight months, with Maine Drug Enforcement Agents from the Cumberland and York District Forces. Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesperson Shannon Moss says the investigation revealed Mohammed would purchase large amounts of fentanyl from out-of-state sources. He would then repackage the drugs into various dose amounts and then sell them throughout Cumberland and York counties. As part of this investigation, agents made several undercover purchases of fentanyl from Mohammed at multiple locations throughout the region.

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Mohammed was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon, May 1st when he arrived at a Saco business parking lot to deliver fentanyl to an undercover agent. Initially, he was arrested on outstanding warrants for drug trafficking charges related to his selling fentanyl to undercover agents during the investigation. He was transported to the York County Jail where his $7,500 bail was paid and he was released.

A Search of Mohammed's Apartment Turned Up More Than 7 Pounds of Fentanyl

After his arrest, law enforcement agents executed a search warrant at 21 Ray Street in Biddeford, Mohammed's apartment.

Seized as a result of that search were:

  • 3,381 grams (over 7 pounds) of fentanyl
  • A loaded handgun
  • $2,500 in suspected drug proceeds
  • Items indicative of drug trafficking

The street value of the drugs is estimated to be more than $300,000. Due to the new evidence seized during the search, Mohammed was once again taken into custody. At this point, the original drug trafficking charges were elevated to aggravated. He was transported back to the York County Jail, where his bail is $100,000.

According to the National Drug Enforcement Agency, 2 mg of fentanyl is considered a potentially lethal dose. Based on that, 7 pounds of fentanyl (3,175,146.59mg) would be enough for over 1.5 million lethal doses of the drug.

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