I remember a few years back on New Year's Eve, we got a text from a neighbor asking if they could borrow a couple blue diesel containers. That request this time of year in Maine could only mean one thing. Their friggin' heating oil tank must of been bone dry. The poor guy had tried every store around to see if he could find some. Unfortunately,   every place he checked was closed early for the holiday. We happily obliged and lent 'em out.

You see, we were very sympathetic as we've been through it at our house too.

Nothin' sucks more in the winter than seeing the fuel tank gauge is near or on empty. Then you check the account and see there's not enough in the budget this week to get another hundred gallons. Jeezum Crowbah!!

Next thing you know, your on the search for some diesel or K1 (5 gallons at a friggin' time) to get you through till the next delivery. Most Mainers have likely been there. It was wicked cold last weekend. So I thought maybe I should go take a look in the basement boiler room to see where we're at. Good thing I did too. It sitting right on top of 'E'. I'm on the schedule for delivery today. Phew.

This song is a fun reminder for us Mainers to check the heating oil level. Mine was full before the holidays. It sure does go quick when the January deep freeze comes around.

Many of us are vulnerable to it, so why not have a laugh.  Flooded Cellar is a band from from beautiful Lovell, Maine over there on Route 5 in Oxford County.

In the summertime, these locals enjoy as many days as they can on Kezar Lake.The rest of the year is spent either preparing for or enduring another Maine winter just like the rest of us.

The Flooded Cellar boys hilariously lament the stinky business of making sure the house stays warm when the fuel is all gone. "Oil tanks empty and I'm low on cash so I gotta go make that Diesel Dash!"

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