We've been having a blast following the West Cove Ice Racing Facebook page this winter. Sure, Mainers all love to bitch and complain about how the weather sucks from December through March. But, it's actually not as bad as we might think, when we find the right way to play.

There really are so many ways to stay entertained during the cold, snow-covered months. We're all familiar with the traditional stuff to do like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, ice fishing, etc.

Then there's the folks upta Greenville. They look like they know how to have more Maine winter fun than most of us.

The people of the Moosehead region, without a doubt, kick the excitement up into high gear. When it's cold enough for the ice to be sufficiently solid and thick to support vehicles, Saturdays are racing days. They had to call it off last week because of unfavorable weather when we had that warm-up. We guess the cold weather that came back this week really helped out.

Fans will be wicked happy to see that the last event of the season will be tomorrow (March 20) as the sun moves north and we welcome the vernal equinox.

LMainers love watching drivers rippin' it hard with chains on their tires around the frozen lake track. We bet these fearless racers get pretty pumped up too.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this thrilling highlight video of the some of the action from our friends at Black Spruce Images. 

Stay updated on tomorrow's final race of the season by following the West Cove Ice Racing Facebook page. 

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