If you haven't been keeping up with Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley on Facebook lately, you're missing out on lots of uproarious observations we can all relate to. He's been posting some selfie-shot quickie videos of his comic tangents and many of them are GOLD!

Like this new one today, where he shares his random thoughts on what happens when Mainers go into another brutal deep-freeze. Watch as Bob tells the story of how it's about 3 degrees this morning and this is day that his wife decides to get the car washed.

When she arrives home from grocery shopping, the car is sparkling. But now there's a very common cold weather problem.

Bob responds with some wicked funny wisdom like even breaking himself up,

"Don't wash the car when it's 3 degrees. And the other thing which is unrelated...Never take a suppository and a sleeping pill in the same night."


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