Well, it's slowly warmin' up out theah. And as we start spendin' moah time in the great Maine outdoahs we gotta keep in mind that the ticks are back. Yuh, like now bub. Even though we don't know fuh shoah yet if this'll be a bad tick season, good tah get a lil remindah that they're around. Ugh, great huh.

According to the Center for Disease Control, ya don't have tah go wicked deep into the woods for one of these little vampyahs to muckle onto ya. Ya can pick up an unwanted hitchhikah right in your own backyahd. So next time ya come back inside, make sure ya check those nethah regions.


Now let's have some fun with a band from Lovell in Oxford County. They call themselves Flooded Cellar and when the warm weather finally arrives they enjoy fishing on Kezar Lake. They also like to stroll through the tall grass in wide open spaces and hike the wooded trails. Along with these nature loving excursions of course comes the threat of terrible tiny beasts...Friggin' Ticks!

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