Might be hard to see depending of course on where you are in the state. Snow in the forecast might affect our views, especially in Western Maine.

However this morning that nearly full moon is just hanging there ready to be reached out to and touched.

Remember we had the New Moon earlier this month, that we could only see in photos from other places due to another cloudy night in Maine

The New Moon on the 4th of December was a total solar eclipse and we were supposed to see a few planets lined up behind the moon...but we didn't get to see Uranus. Or the Moon.

The Full Moon for December is Saturday, but we'll see a nearly perfectly full moon tonight and again on Sunday night. Again if the 'Cloud Gods' see fit to sending those bad boys elsewhere this weekend. But it doesn't look like it.

getty images
getty images

This Full Moon is called the Cold Moon. But not as cold as January, right. Here's a list of all the 'Moons of the Month'

Probably something that was taught in grade school, but I was daydreaming about playing in the National Hockey League, or being on the radio when the teacher was probably laying out in simple terms what I now find so fascinating. The Sun. The Moon.  The Stars.  The Planets.  How they all align, only for our viewing pleasure right?  Not to mention the thrill when the skies are clear and the moon's rotation is on track and we see a lunar eclipse.

Here's to paying attention in school.  And to enjoying something so simple, yet spectacular as a Full Moon.  Cold Moon or not.

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