Happy day after Valentine’s Day. I believe today is Singles Awareness Day. Or as some call it Wednesday.

Hope yesterday was a good day for you, and if you are so inclined today is a good day shopping for half off Valentine’s candy and chocolates. That merch has been moved to the half off section.

Where the Valentine’s Day treats were yesterday morning have been replaced with the same candy and chocolates, but instead of heart shaped the new stuff is egg and bunny shaped for Easter.

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Valentine’s Day has become a lot of things of late. All over Maine, humane societies turned the day into creative fundraisers, with puppy kissing booths and cats pooping on your exes name or photo and fee free adoptions. Just to name a few events.

Yesterday even had a Guinness World Record broken for the longest underwater kiss. 4 minutes and 6 seconds. When the couple emerged from the water shouts of “you two, get a room” were heard.

There is also a great community tradition that happens in Maine every Valentine’s Day as well.

Shout out to V. L. Tammaro Oil Company in Downeast Maine.

Courtesy V.,L. Tammaro
Courtesy V.,L. Tammaro

How is this for a sense of inclusion and community.

On Valentine’s Day their tradition is to surprise some of their customers with a special delivery of fuel, candy and flowers.  They know their community and make it a special Valentine’s Day for those folks each year. They also got gift cards from First National Bank in Calais to give to each customer.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day than a gift to member of the community that might not have been expecting it.

May we all put a little more love into each day, Valentine’s Day or not.

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