A Brewer-based company is offering free whoopie pies on Thursday to celebrate Pi Day and to support an organization that helps teachers keep kids in school.

Where Are They Giving Them For Free?

There's nothing like the taste of a delicious whoopie pie. That combination of dense cake and sweet cream is impossible for me to resist. Whether you're talking about the traditional chocolate/vanilla combo or something less conventional like pumpkin chocolate chip with cream cheese filling, I'm in! And now, Box of Maine is offering them free, for one day only, to support a non-profit doing important work in the state.

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Thursday is Pi Day, so Box Of Maine will give a free whoopie pie to anyone who stops by their Brewer Gift Shop. There is a limit of only one per customer. I don't know about you, but this would make me want to buy more, which is great because 100% of their whoopie pie sales on Pi Day will be donated to a non-profit called Count Me In. If you're busy on Pi Day, no worries, because Box of Maine is donating 10% of the proceeds from their whoopie pie sales throughout March to the cause.

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 What Is Count ME In?

This is a cool twist on the Pi Day theme because they're selling (whoopie) pies and it's supporting school kids who will learn about Pi. Count ME In has a mission of educating teachers on ways to improve student engagement and build on the systems already in place to provide kids with the education they need. Organizers say that chronic absenteeism is happening across the country, so they're finding ways to make connections and give kids a reason to want to be in class.

Can We Order Them Online?

People can stop by the gift shop at 34 Abbott Street in Brewer on Thursday to pick up their whoopie pies or visit their website to buy them and send them to someone. It will make their day because everyone loves whoopie pies.

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