No politics. Whether you’re vaccinated or not.  Booster shots are taken care of, or not. Here we are. Together. And apart.

This mess began nearly 2 years ago. We went through the stay-at-home unless you are essential period. We did the 6 feet distancing. We wore masks. Then we didn’t wear masks.

And some areas are back to mandated masks in public.  Some haven’t reinstated that mandate. Whatever.

Personally, I keep my distance. Back to wearing a mask at the grocery store. And not eager to interact with numerous people in a closed setting right now. Still following what has been passed down.

And it’s still here. Since March 2020.

Here’s the point.

Beginning yesterday, we could go online and order Covid-19 test kits, free of charge. Thank you Federal government.

The link is here

Up to 4 test kits per household to be mailed out.

Not certain if I’ve come in contact with someone spreading the virus or not. But I am very lucky when it comes to health and might have the constitution to not come down with it, or feel symptoms. Certainly, I know people that have Covid, and I knew people who died from it.

But I ordered the kits.  Why not?

We probably are in a new age of having to have test kits in our homes, like we have so many health products stored in cabinets that generations from the past didn’t have.

Why line up at a test site, which probably has a bunch of people with Covid?

If one feels mild symptoms we can test ourselves. Sounds like a smart idea to me. Ordered them, and I'll stick them away in a bathroom cabinet for another day.

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