Whether you are clown loving. Or clown fearing. This event is for you.

Fright at the Fort – Carnival of Fright is coming up in October.

And tickets have just gone on sale.

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There are no last-minute thoughts of let’s go and get tickets at the door.  Sorry, no such thing.  If you want to go, you have to purchase your tickets in advance through Fort Knox.

TSM photo. Bucksport seen from across the Penobscot River and inside the front gate of Fort Knox.
TSM photo. Bucksport seen from across the Penobscot River and inside the front gate of Fort Knox.

Fright at the Fort is the annual Halloween Scare fest. Fort Knox becomes the largest haunted house tour anywhere.

But again, before the haunting begins, you have to pre-purchase tickets.  No tickets at the door. Pick when you want to go and buy your tickets on the Fort Knox website. 

Here are the dates to consider October 14th, 20th, 21st,27th, and 28th and times are 5:30 through 8:45 p.m. The cost is $15 per ticket. When you purchase tickets you will choose a one-hour window for your selected date.

It is so scary, entrance is at your own risk.

So scary that the venue has issued the following warning:

MEDICAL WARNING: Uneven surfaces, low ceilings, and numerous sets of stairs along the tour.  High use of fog machines and strobe lighting effects.  Any individuals with light or sound sensitivity, are pregnant, are less able, have lung, heart, allergic or other serious health conditions should proceed with extreme caution.

But enjoy yourself.  Ha Ha Ha Ha. Boo.

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Townsquare Media

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