A former resident of China, Maine has been found guilty on multiple charges, most of which involve the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Jared Jandreau was convicted by a jury of five counts of unlawful sexual contact, one count of sexual solicitation for gross sexual assault, and 17 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. The offenses involved a child under the age of 14 and occurred in Kennebec County.

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According to WVII-TV, Jandreau's lawyers claimed it wasn't right to charge him with the crimes, when he allegedly never had any contact with the child. Instead, he convinced his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Cox, to take the pictures and send them to him. Cox testified at the trial, and admitted that she was the one who took the photos. Prosecutors say text messages were proof that she had sent them to Jandreau.

Cox pleaded guilty in court, last month, and is sentenced to five years in prison.

Jandreau's sentencing date has not been set.

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