Family members who found skeletal remains while cleaning out their late father's property have been unable to locate one of their siblings.

Douglas Scott Senior died earlier this year at the age of 82, leaving his children with the task of going through his Poland Spring Road property, to prepare it for sale. Scott raised three sons and one daughter and, apparently, left no will behind.

Adult children often lose touch with each other as they age, and that seems to have happened in this family. The whereabouts of the sister, Denise Scott Ramsay, were unknown at the time of the father's death and so, according to WMTW-TV, one of the sons filed an affidavit of diligent search document that's commonly used in probate cases. In addition, the documents revealed that the family had put an ad in a local newspaper, asking to hear from 'Denise R', in regards to the probate of the estate. No one answered the ad. Ramsay's last  known address was at her father's residence on Poland Spring Road.

It was at that address, earlier this week, that the surviving family members found skeletal remains in an outbuilding on their father's property. Police, who responded to the address, said the cause of death was considered suspicious. The remains were sent to the Chief Medical Examiner's Office to be positively identified and to determine cause of death. Officials say, however, that process could take weeks before they get any definitive answers.

State Police have no record of a missing person report for Denise Ramsay.

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