Basically, it's safe to say we live in a digital world that is constantly changing for one reason or another. 10 years ago, Apple had pretty much cornered the market on how to digitally acquire music. Remember LimeWire? Me neither. iTunes literally dominated the entire digital music market. That is until streaming started to gain the unstoppable momentum it's currently achieved.

So it's been interesting to hear all of the scuttlebutt on the internet this week that Apple is looking to streamline is its streaming. Word on the street is that over the next couple years, is that Apple will convert to an all subscription format, Similar to Spotify or Pandora, according to It's left a lot of folks wondering what's going to happen to their tunes that they've already downloaded.

Short answer? Nothing. It's not like your music that you've downloaded is just gonna disappear into the digital void where no music grows. However, according to sources with "close and active business relationships", Apple is looking to jump ship on the downloads in the next two years. Although, one would wonder why, considering downloads are still accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars of their business.

Apple released a very short statement regarding the subject:

Our response is that it is not true, we are not shutting down iTunes downloads per your story yesterday,” Apple media executive Tom Neumayr flatly told Digital Music News

However, the unnamed, outside sources stood by their version of the story when re-contacted by Digital Music News.

It all sounds like the current political landscape to me. One side cries "fake news" and then the other side does, and honestly, I have Spotify because I could care less. I have no dog in this fight. But you can bet that dollar that you would otherwise spend on a download, is not getting any closer to the bank account of the artist who wrote the song to begin with. And sadly, that is what's really wrong with the whole scenario.

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