Police are advising residents to use caution until escaped murderer Arnold Nash is taken into custody.

The 65-year-old convict, who escaped from the Charleston Correctional Facility, remains at large. He disappeared from the minimum security prison on Thursday of last week, and has been on the run ever since. It's the second time Nash has escaped from prison with just a year left on his sentence. Former Game Warden John Ford told WABI-TV that, the last time Nash was on the run, he held Ford and another warden at gunpoint and shot their dog. Ford questions why Nash was being held in a minimum security facility, given his violent nature and his history of escape.

Dover-Foxcroft Police are advising residents to be on alert and take precautions we often take for granted, living in Maine. Doors and windows should remain locked, even when residents are home, and they should stay in tune with their surroundings at all times.

Nash was serving a 45-year sentence for the robbery and beating death of North Sullivan resident, Wilfred Gibeault. The 58-year-old disabled man's body was found in his home in 1991, and an autopsy showed that he died of blunt force trauma. Gibeault and Nash were neighbors. Officials say Nash went to the home to rob Gibeault and ended up hitting him with a piece of firewood in the execution of that robbery.

He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blue shirt. Anyone who thinks they've seen Nash should NOT approach him, but call their local police department immediately.

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