An Enfield man is facing multiple charges after an alleged domestic violence assault and subsequent police chase.

Who Is the Suspect?

Zacharee Tomilson, 24, of Enfield is charged with Felony domestic violence assault, eluding an officer, and operating with a license, among other offenses.

What Happened?

The incident began when members of the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office were called to the town of Enfield for a report of a felony domestic violence assault. Officials have not released any details about the assault. As the deputies were on their way to the location, they learned that the suspect, Zacharee Tomilson, had allegedly stolen a vehicle and fled the scene. In addition, they were informed that he may have been armed with a handgun.

The deputies continued toward their destination when they noticed the suspect vehicle heading North on Route 2, into the town of Lincoln. When Tomilson saw the Sheriff's cruiser, he sped up and the deputy gave chase. The high-speed pursuit traveled into and through the towns of Lincoln and Chester before Tomilson was finally caught by deputies on Sweet Road in Lincoln.

Where Was the Gun Found?

While he was being taken into custody. Tomilson was searched and officials say a loaded 9mm handgun was found on his person. He was arrested and transported to the Penobscot County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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