EMMC is warning cardiac patients of a missing hard drive containing some of their personal information.

In a media release on the website for Eastern Maine Medical Center, the facility says the hard drive contains information from 660 patients who underwent cardiac ablation procedures performed there between January 3, 2011 and December 11, 2017. The missing hard drive was owned and operated by a third-party vendor and contained information to include full names, dates of birth, dates of service, medical record numbers, one word condition descriptors, and procedural images.

Hospital officials say the risk for identity theft is low, since there were no Social Security numbers, addresses, or financial information stored on the device. However, out of concern for the safety of the patients, all those affected will be sent notifications by mail and offered a free one-year identity theft monitoring service. In addition, EMMC has a dedicated assistance line, available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Patients can access it by calling 1-855-973-8200.

Eastern Maine Medical Center is working with law enforcement officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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