Two boys are being hailed as heroes since they helped an elderly woman who had fallen outside in the extreme cold.

According to the Ellsworth American, 12-year-old Emmett Moshier and 14-year-old Logan Leighton were out for a walk in Winter Harbor on Sunday when they heard a quiet cry for help, followed by a dog bark. The boys followed the sounds and discovered an elderly woman, who was lying at the bottom of a wheelchair ramp at her Harbor Road Home.

With temperatures barely edging above zero, the boys knew they had to work fast. Emmett called his Mom, who notified 911 of the woman's plight. Meanwhile, the two boys got the woman to her feet. When Emmett's Mom arrived, she helped them get her inside where it was warm to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

The woman's daughter says her mother was taking her little dog for a short walk when she slipped at the bottom of the ramp and fell on her stomach. She's being treated for a broken bone, but it could have been so much worse if not for the quick thinking of Emmett and Logan.

Great work, guys!

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