I was cruising through YouTube looking for fun, local Halloween type stuff, and found this nutty little short film starring Eddie Driscoll, that was likely made for a show on WLBZ Channel 2 back in the day, called Weird. I remember when they brought it back again in the early 80's as well, under the highly creative name Weird II.

When I was a boy, Eddie Driscoll was everywhere on TV. Tons of commercials, The Great Money Movie, and so many others. So when I came across this video, I was immediately 7 years old again, and pretty much laughed my way through it. Check it out!

I mean, c'mon...Bangor is not that big of a town, and Eddie has been gone now for over 12 years. But folks still talk about him, and just about everyone has a story about he impacted their lives somehow. He really was just....Bangor.

So kick back and enjoy this Halloween gem. I guarantee you won't be scared. But I do guarantee you'll be entertained.

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