East Millinocket Police arrested a man and woman last week for allegedly trafficking in illegal drugs.

Search warrants were executed at two residences Saturday evening. One of the homes was on the Pattagumpus Road, while the other was on the Powersville Road in Medway. Those search warrants were the result of a several-month-long investigation into the sale of illegal drugs in the Medway area. Seized in those searches were 35 grams of methamphetamine, 15 grams of heroin, and a gram of crack cocaine. In addition, officers confiscated two firearms and cash.

As a result, two people were arrested:

  • Ryan Lee, 36 of Medway, is charged with Class B trafficking in scheduled drugs
  • Brittany Leet, 34 of Medway, is charged with Class A aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs

Police say the case is still under investigation and additional arrests and charges are possible.

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