A driver told police he was having a 'bad day' after driving through rush hour traffic on the interstate Tuesday, hanging out the window and flipping off other motorists.

The Portland Press Herald reports 29-year-old Daniel Harris of Brunswick was spotted by a member of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department operating erratically in the northbound lanes during rush hour, nearly causing several accidents.

The Sheriff's Department says Harris was hanging out the window of the vehicle and "giving the finger" to other drivers. When deputies tried to get the man to pull over, he flipped them off, as well, and continued to sit on the door frame. Witnesses told investigators that, at one point, Harris's body was so far out of the car, it looked like he was going to jump out.

The pursuit lasted for about 5 miles, with Harris continuing his antics but driving the speed limit, until he pulled over on the Pleasant Street off-ramp in Brunswick. He was charged with driving to endanger and failure to stop for a police officer, after apologizing, saying that he was having a bad day. Harris was also charged for not wearing a seat belt.

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