I know that's kind of a bold statement in some ways, considering we've gotten the better part of a foot of snow in the last few days. But once it's gone, the streets of Bangor are not going to look nearly as festive and bright as they do when they're covered in snow. It will all be replaced with brown, muddy, gobbledy-gook that is a combination of mud, dead leaves, and just plain old garbage.

But in just a couple weeks, Downtown Bangor and Downtown Bangor Beautiful are hosting their annual Spring Cleanup on April 27th. Folks who gather up will be raking leaves, cleaning up brush, and picking up trash. Plus, whatever else may need to be done. So they're asking folks to bring rakes, shovels, ladders, garden gloves... anything that might help out. Plus it will get the downtown area ready for the Adopt-A-Garden Big Dig on May 18th.

Folks will meet on the Central Street side of the Norumbega Parkway in Bangor, and the cleanup will go from 9:30a.m. - 12:00p.m. There's no need to register ahead of time or anything, so just show up ready to get a little bit dirty for the sake of the city. Besides, what a great way to get this winter as far out of your mind as possible, by getting outdoors and doing some yahd work, bub!

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