Dover-Foxcroft Police Department issued a scam alert via their Facebook page earlier today after a resident reported that someone from Emera Maine called them and demanded immediate payment of their bill, or have their power shut off. Even fishier, the number the person called from was an Emera phone number!

This technique has become more prominent in phone scams recently, where phone numbers appear to be legitimately belonging to the business they claim to be calling from. I've had it happen to me, it's happened to my mom, etc. Sadly, it does fool people from time to time, and they end up being scammed out of their money.

The DFPD shared this link, directly from the Emera website, discussing the sad reality of phone scams in this day and age. Check it out yourself right here.

It's sad that everywhere you turn these days, you have to watch your back. In the same web page linked above, Emera reminds us that they will never call you randomly on the phone, demanding money and threatening immediate disconnection. So if it happens to you, DO NOT give any bank or credit card information, and just hang up immediately. Then feel free to report the incident to your local police department.


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