Is this going to be one of those years where summer doesn't happen?

I saw on the news recently, that the Bangor area had some form of rain the majority of the month of June. When I say majority, more specifically I mean almost the whole month. We only had like 4 days with no rain the whole month. And only two of those days were what I could describe as *sunny*. Other than that, wet drabness abounded.

stressed man covering ears, looking up, stop making noise

So far, July isn't really shaping up a whole helluva lot better. We've already had mostly rain to kick off the month. Sure, a couple nice days this week. that's not so bad. We're finally getting a blast of hot, humid air that seems more like summer should feel. But what are the chances it'll stick around for a minute?

I wouldn't bother getting your hopes up.

I'm looking at a couple of different sources to try and cross reference the forecast, and other than today and tomorrow, it looks like we're essentially headed right back into the rainy shower-box we've been in for weeks. According to the National Weather Service, there's a chance for light rain all weekend, and by next week... Ugh.

dog in the rain

Right back to rain. When I look at the 10-day forecast over at, it's implying a 40%+ chance of rain everyday up until the 19th of July. So here we are, approaching halfway through summer, and we're staring down another two weeks of the wetness. Will it ever end?

At least it's not the summer of 1816, when there was literally no summer. They had frost on the 4th of July. Snow in June. Crops died. Birds were utterly confused. All thanks to a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. But this certainly doesn't feel like summer around here. Oh well... Maybe we'll have those 70 degree November days again this year?

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