Nothing ruins a fun Super Bowl Sunday like an OUI charge or a crash, so Maine safety officials want you to make a plan and stay safe.

But Aren't We Supposed to Party on Super Bowl  Sunday?

Every football enthusiast loves a good Super Bowl party. Whether your team is playing or not, it's just fun to get together with friends and family, have some food, and a few beers, and watch the biggest football game of the year. The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety is hoping everyone has a great time. But they're also concerned about what will happen when the game is over and it's time to go home. They want everyone to be safe this year so they're reminding residents of the importance of having a sober driver.

What If I'm Sure I Can Make It Home?

Maine State Police Specialist Seth Allen says not planning can have tragic results.

Too many times I have seen the aftermath of someone who did not make a plan to get home safely and ruined their life or the life of another.

Remember, by 'sober' they mean someone who hasn't had any alcohol at all. Not someone who's only had one beer for every two that you've had.

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So How Can I Protect Myself and My Friends?

This year, the MBHS is offering some tips on how to stay safe.

Prepare for a safe party. This includes making sure everyone has a sober driver to take them home. If a sober driver commits a 'foul' and has a drink, be ready with a backup plan like calling an Uber. Monitor how much alcohol your guests are drinking and encourage them to drink water and have something to eat.

Designated Drivers should take their role seriously. Don't drink any alcohol at all. Instead, have non-alcoholic beverages, like water or soda, to get you through the evening.

Watch Out for Each Other. Keep an eye on others at the party. No one wants to be a tattle-tale, but if you see someone indulging too much who's planning to drive home, don't be afraid to speak up. Take their keys. And either find a safe way for them to get home or, if none is available, make up the couch in the family room and let them sack out.

The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety says it's important to remember on Super Bowl Sunday and every day - Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk.

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