A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a local garage, Rideout's Automotive on Bennett Road in Brewer, that is offering free oil changes to veterans. And they shot us a quick reminder that they're trying to get the word out. And, that folks will need to book an appointment. They only have two bays at their spot, and could easily become overwhelmed. The appointments also help make sure they're getting all the right supplies.

We couldn't possibly be more supportive of their efforts, and desire to give back to vets for all they've done for us. I wish we could do more! But this is a great place to start, and helps folks with something very useful. The offer is also extended to spouses of veterans who have passed.

If you'd like to make an appointment, you can reach Rideout's at 207-989-2344, and they'll ask you some basic info about your vehicle.....make, model, etc. So if you qualify, take advantage of this awesome offer, by these fine folks who are stepping it up in their community. And of course, thank you all, for all that you've done for our country!

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